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Regional 10@10's across the time zones! / Re: The Vine, week of 2/15/21
« on: February 27, 2021, 05:43:08 AM »
Sat 2/20/21: 2011

 1. Luke Bryan - Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
 2. Matt Nathanson - Faster
(Napa news)
 3. Miranda Lambert - Mama’s Broken Heart
(News: President Obama announces the death of Osama Bin Laden)
 4. Lou Reed & Metallica - Iced Honey
 5. Jason Derulo - It Girl
 6. Saint Motel - Puzzle Pieces
 7. Robert Earl Keen - I Gotta Go
(Movie: Moneyball)
 8. Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup
 9. Susan Boyle - Enjoy The Silence
10. Flogging Molly - Revolution
11. Jeff Bridges - What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do

Now, THIS is awesome. Really only familiar with #2, #5 and #8 (and the only one of these I really don't need to hear is #2).

In Memoriam, Happy Birthday / Re: RIH Rush Limbaugh
« on: February 20, 2021, 05:59:10 AM »
I have a FB friend who typically acknowledges deaths with a "Thank you, so and so". In this case it's "Good Riddance".

And I believe this is our first RIH since one of the Kock dickheads.

Stream of Consciousness / Re: 10@10: Alternative Takes
« on: February 13, 2021, 05:04:32 AM »
Huh - Greg decided to post this as "Dave Morey's 10@10 Valentine Day?" today:

> There's more questions than answers when it comes to this truly bizarre 10@10, one that's ostensibly a Valentine's set. We've no idea when it first aired but we're guessing the mid 80's? With barely a recognizable tune in here and the fact that it includes the uncensored "Don't Fuck Around with Love" by the Blenders, one has to wonder who was in charge back then!? Anyway, we hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

Should we tell him it's a "fan 10@10"? Maybe he knows?

Sort of a rush job, here's my 3rd Valentine's Day set:

 1. The Bomb Bassets - Please Don't Die
 2. The Blenders - Don't Fuck Around With Love
 3. Blossom Dearie - Down With Love
(TV: Sanford And Son: Redd Foxx and Scatman Crothers - All Of Me)
 4. Frank Sinatra - All Of Me
 5. Till There Was You suite:
      Eileen Wilson - Til I Met You /
      Peggy Lee - Till There Was You /
      The Beatles - Till There Was You
 6. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
 7. If Not For You suite:
       Bob Dylan & George Harrison - If Not For You /
       George Harrison - If Not For You /
       Bob Dylan - If Not For You
 8. Lou Rawls - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
 9. Michael Nesmith & The First National Band - Different Drum
10. Lyle Lovett - God Will

Short and sweet (just over 35 minutes) - Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sensing he knows, but is just f-ing around w/ his FB friends.


There's a Geico commercial where Build Me Up Buttercup (originally charted by The Foundations)
is sung by its characters as a kind of call-and-response.  I was a little puzzled that they would
use a song more than fifty years old for this, as I would suspect that few of their target demographic
had ever heard this song.  (I know that Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline is better known for the
call-and-response treatment, but it's been played at sporting events for over twenty years.)
[clickety-clickety]  I see that BMUB was on the soundtrack for Mallrats.  I don't know how it was
used in that film, but that might explain its expected familiarity with the intended audience.

How about There’s Something About Mary?

It's one of those songs whose place in "Tier 2 canon" somewhat mystifies me. I'm thinking 'Late 60's pop that is not overly syrupy, yet not inaccessible'. Back when bar trivia was a thing, it was part of our host's rotation.

For Mass Mutual: A cover of the Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You"

A cover version of the New Radicals' "You Get What You Give" for HP

A version of Men Without Hats "The Safety Dance" for Alaska Airlines.

And Norfolk Bob is the only to have played from 5 different decades, which is true to the spirit of the concept, IMHO. Three of the classic rock stations play ONLY 70's and 80's, which probably plays to certain crowds a bit better.

Stream of Consciousness / Re: Local (and other) radio news
« on: September 28, 2019, 05:57:49 AM »
I'm still trying to figure out what they're doing, though. They have put a lot of effort into sweepers that are pandering to local-ness (i.e. a millenial-sounding girl's voice saying "I like to walk my dog at Golden Gate Park and see a show at the Balboa Theater!!" and using the tagline "uniquely San Francisco"


Seriously though, it never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who, upon hearing what 96.5 HD-2 is all about, would get super-excited about it. I'm just not sure that they'd be listening to HD-2, unless they're led there by an acquaintance that is slightly more with it. So many questions!

I like that 1992 came up twice this week for this station.

Regional 10@10's across the time zones! / Re: The Peak, week of 2/4/19
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:35:24 AM »
Thur 2/7/19: Feb 1999

Marvelous 3 (who?)

Probably "Freak Of The Weak", a minor airplay hit. Picked up their CD awhile back for a buck. I found it ok.. not sure if it'd be in your wheelhouse.

In Memoriam, Happy Birthday / RIP James Ingram, 66
« on: January 29, 2019, 07:40:47 PM »
Had several duets, plus the number one solo "I Don't Have The Heart" in 1990.

Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot" sampled for Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Perfume.

In Memoriam, Happy Birthday / RIP George HW Bush, 94
« on: December 01, 2018, 06:31:27 AM »
When he was elected, I thought he was the worst. I've changed my mind.

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