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Fri 5/24/19: May 1994

Counting Crows, Soundgarden, Sarah McLesbian, Phish, Corrective Soles, Pink Floyd, Pretenders, STP, Live, Hole

Thur 5/23/19: May 1980

Pretenders, Floyd, Squeeze, Dead, BJ, Robin Lane/Chartbusters, Macca, Clash, Seger, Motors.

Wed 5/22/19: May 1971

Stones, Carole King, Doors, Macca, Ringo, J&Y, Richie Havens, Procol Harum, 3DN, EJ,

Tue 5/21/19: May 1989

JJ, Love & Rockets, The Goat, Pixies, Petty, 10K Maniacs, Doobies, Ramones, Macca, Too Much Joy.

Mon 5/20/19: May 1966

Johnny Rivers, Spoonful, Outsiders, Paul Revere, BBs, Isleys, Ms&Ps, Byrds, Mindbenders, Kinks.

Oddly, Fink mentioned Blonde on Blonde in his intro but didn't play anything from it.

Amazon pulls out a real obscurity: Ronnie Dove's "Happy Summer Days"

Next wknd, That '70s Casey visits May 25th 1974:

and Casey's '80s has THREE choices for the holiday weekend

May 30, 1981:
May 24, 1986:
July 4, 1987:

Fri 5/17/19: May 1979

JJ, Supertramp, Patti Smith, ABB, Police, Tubes, Graham Parker, Lowell George, Cheap Trick, Zappa,

Thur 5/16/19: May 1993

Radiohead, Marc Cohn, Sting, Brother Cane, Soul Asylum, Spin Docs, New Order, Snooze Babbler, STP, Porno 4 Pyros.

Wed 5/15/19: May 1968

Canned Heat, People, Traffic, Otis, Moodies, Blue Cheer, Ree-Ree, S&G, Byrds, Chambers Bros.

Tue 5/14/19: May 1983

Toobs, Duran2, Bowie, Martin Briley, ZZT, Armatrading, Madness, Eddy Grant, Todd, Human League.

Mon 5/13/19: May 1972

Stones, Staples, Paul Simon, Crosby/Nash, Neil Y, War, the Cat Man, Harry Chapin, Todd, Humble Pie.

Fri 5/10/19: May 1987

Petty, Suzanne Vega, F.Mac, Smiths, U2, Crowded House, Bowie, Cutting Crew, Winwood, Cure.

Thur 5/9/19: May 1991

Eric Johnson, Marc Cohn, REM, Black Crowes, EC, Lenny Kravitz rips off Stevie Wonder, Siouxie, Joe Walsh, ViolentFemmes, Extreme,

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