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Tue 8/14/18: Aug 1992

Indigos, EJ, TTWS, Lemonheads, BlackCrowes, Annie L, INXS, ArcAngels, RHCPs, Morrissey.

Regional 10@10's across the time zones! / The Peak, week of 8/13/18
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:22:50 AM »
Mon 8/13/18: Aug 1973

Paul Simon, ABB, Stevie, Macca, Van the Man, Stories, EJ, Croce, the Dan, Marvin.

Capital Gold, other Internet Radio / Re: Casey Kasem American Top 40
« on: August 12, 2018, 08:56:47 PM »
This week That '70s Casey brings us Aug 21st 1976:

and Casey's '80s visits Aug 17th 1985:


I just noticed that KCSM is no longer on our cable system.  Upon investigation, I discovered
the TV station has been sold to Santa Rosa public broadcaster KRCB.  The new call letters
will be KPJK, honoring the station's founder, Professor John Kramer.  The article referenced
below says that KCSM dropped PBS in 2009, which I find confusing, as I have been checking
their schedule somewhat regularly for PBS music programs like Austin City Limits, Infinity Hall
Live, and The Artist's Den.  The new station couldn't get PBS membership because PBS doesn't
want more duplicate stations in the same market.

It's a weird lineup of foreign (but subtitled) dramatic series and other oddities.  It's also caused problems for folks who listen to KCSM-FM via cable because their cable channel (which was 199 on Comcast SF) is now also featuring KPJK, which means the new TV station has 2 channel positions, 199 and 17.  Meanwhile the KCSM-FM channel in the radio station section, 962, is having audio problems so some folks are pissed.

Stream of Consciousness / Re: KFOG, But Not 10@10
« on: August 11, 2018, 03:26:55 PM »
It appears the Mediabase playlist pages for KFOG and other stations ( ) now show up blank. Not sure if they've been moved behind a paywall or what.

And man, is their new slogan, "Today's KFOG" ridiculous, given how much of their rotation is "gold". It sounds like the deejays now get paid according to how many times they say the phrase "Today's KFOG" at each break. Aside from it being a fairly generic and meaningless slogan, it sounds especially silly saying it 3 times, right after you've played "Rock the Casbah", which is 36 years old.

The Newbeats' "Bread & Butter" for Walmart.

The New 10@10 / Re: 10 August 2018: it's... Hot Summer Nights
« on: August 10, 2018, 09:50:06 AM »
From the uber-LN-y (Sly) to the merely hellish (Kid Rock). The least-appealing Summer set I've ever seen.

Fri 8/10/18: Aug 1971

Moodies, Ms. King, Steve Stills, Macca, Marvin, ABB, George, Ree-Ree, Who, 5MEB.

Thur 8/9/18: Aug 1969

CCR, Sly, Who, It's a Beautiful Day, Youngbloods, Billy Preston, Plastic Ono, Donovan/Beck, Blind Faith, Doors.

Wed 8/8/18: Aug 1982

Elvis C, J. Browne, Stray cats, Percy, Modern English, REM, JJ, APP, TalkTalk, Billy Idol.

Stream of Consciousness / Re: Local (and other) radio news
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:36:29 PM »
KCSM is already running promos for their Autumn Pledge Drive -- which is 3 weeks away (begins Labor Day wknd). Guess they were spooked by the shortfalls they had during the last 2 drives.

Bounce is using a custom-rewritten version of The Outfield's "Your Love"

Stream of Consciousness / Re: KFOG, But Not 10@10
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:10:54 AM »
KFOG holds steady with a (dismal) 1.3 for the third month in a row.  I'd love to see the breakdown by dayparts to find out what (if anything) The Woody Show is doing.

August ratings are in: KFOG drops another tick, down to 1.2. (Alt 105.3 has a 1.5).  OTOH, The Bone is up to a 2.9, the highest they've been in some time.

Tue 8/7/18: Aug 1975

Broooce, Ian Hunter, JT, Bowie, Starship, Marley, Sweet, Amazing Rhythm Aces, BadCo, Television.

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