Author Topic: KPOO etc week of 4/22/13  (Read 3981 times)


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KPOO etc week of 4/22/13
« on: April 25, 2013, 08:58:20 AM »
tuned in early for 2NG's retro-'73 chart and they're playing the early Stones' cover of "Under the Boardwalk". Not their finest hour.

Tom Jones at #39 with his forgotten "Letter to Lucille". What's with all these songs where he's in prison?  Imagine being his bitch!

NTM: Status Quo singing about "A Mean Mean Girl". Followed, not surprisingly, by "No More Mr Nice Guy". heh.

OMFG: Roy Wood's fantabulous "See My Baby Jive", one of my all-time shouldabeens (a UK #1 that flopped here).

OMFG2: Roger Daltrey, covering Leo Sayer's "Giving it All Away".  Quite lovely.

OMFG3: Hot Chocolate with the orig "Brother Louie", covered later that year in the US by Stories.

God gave rock'n'roll to Argent, apparently.

"Dueling Banjos"!! (the looooong version, too!)

"My glove does it good", says Macca.

Mud, who were *HUGE* in the UK and never did anything over here, with the first of their many Top 40 hits, "Crazy"

Stuart Gillies (who??) doing "Amanda", a sappy Humperdick-esque ballad.

ooo! rare Bowie: "Drive-in Saturday".  in the Top Ten that week.  And a Cliff Richard oddity: "Power to All Our Friends"

Teen Idol Twin-Spin: Donny's "12th of Never" followed by David Cassidy's NTM "I Am a Clown"  But eek, it's Little Jimmy Osmond ransacking "Tweedle-Dee" in a MJ-doing-"Rockin Robin" stylee.

Gilbert O with my beloved "Get Down".

Gary Glitter with one of his many interchangeable UK hits.

and the #1 single that week was... TO & Dawn "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
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