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KPOO etc week of 8/26/13


Listening to a "lost '60s" show on 2NG and they played the Evie Sands version of "Angel of the Morning".  Loverly.

ETA: per Wiki, the song was orig offered to Connie Francis (!) who turned it down as being "too risque" (!!). Damn, you gotta be pretty Catholic to consider that song dirty.

ETA2: they also played Dusty Springfield's cover of the Supes' "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Thru His Eyes", which was NTM and utterly fab.

re-listening to 2NG's retro-chart of the week: late Aug 1973, with some pretty fab stuff ahtellyawhut.

ooo! Lou Reed "Satellite of Love"


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