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--- Quote from: RGMike ---Stumbled across this station in Florida: WAVV, which bills itself as "Modern Easy Favorites" and it's what used to be called "beautiful music"  or "dentists office muzak" -- mostly instrumentals (I tuned in to an instro version of DeBarge's "Who's Holding Donna Now"!) or old-fashioned choral arrangements a la Up With People/the Johnny Mann Singers. I didn't think anyone did this format on commercial radio, much less in a major market.  For people who think The Carpenters are too boisterous, I guess.

Holy crap: James Last!  can Hagood Hardy be far behind?

Damn, there must be lots of 85-year-olds in South FLA.  "WAVV: we're not your father's radio station -- we're your great-grandfathers!"

--- End quote ---

so I'm listening to this station today and -- TANC -- who pops up singing that old Sinatra chestnut "Call Me Irresponsible" but... Paula Cole. WTFF??

2NG has been delightful today - apparently it's "No '80s Wednesday" (!), a weekly feature. Only '50s, '60s and '70s tunes all day.

the Knack, "Good Girls Don't" -- and it HURTS!


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