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Gray-Haired Ponytail Moment (formerly Come All Ye Grateful)

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...Deadheads to Channel 9; KQED is showing The Grateful Dead Movie tonite for Pledge Month.

But meanwhile over on KTEH, they're doing one of those old-school soul spectaculars, and I got sucked in.  Impressively, they had a full orchestra (no singing to cheezy backing tracks for these folks), so there was a real flautist for "Everybody Plays the Fool" with Cuba Gooding SENIOR, and real strings for "Smiling Faces Sometimes".  Sadly, Rufus with some babe trying to do a Chaka imitation on "Tell Me Somethin' Good" was just not the same.  Unanswered question of the night: How many different "Peaches" has "Herb" gone thru in the last 40 years? But 1979 Pazz & Jop Winner "Reunited" sounded mighty fine, hey hey. And the occasional vintage clips of Stevie, Gladys and others too expensive to appear live were groovy, especially the one of a very young Al Green.  Usher, eat yer heart out!

And Ray Parker Jr is yet to come!

we must be channeling each other. i've been saying, "shut up. already. damn." since i left work yesterday. and you just know your avatar gets me all excited!

"when it comes to perfume
it's on the shelf
i take it down
and if no one's around
i-i, i smell myself"
-"prettyman," O-)>


--- Quote from: "princessofcairo" ---we must be channeling each other...
--- End quote ---

And the kick-drum is the fault!

And speaking of Old School, I'm listening to the Kiss Sunday Oldies Show, and the theme this hour is "duets". Not only did I hear Rene y Rene doing "Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero" for the first time in decades (!), but they played Gladys & Marvin doing a live duet of "Grapevine"! WTF? Never heard it before and he didn't identify the source so I have NO clue where it was from.

Thanks for the tip to check out PBS. Rod Stewart on KTEH now. Suze Orman or KQED. Rod wins.


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