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erstwhile KFOG DJ Dred Scott starts his new life in Mendocino as the morning guy at this great station.  I will be checking his first show out Monday morning.  I think most of us know this already, but I thought I'd document it here:

Mon & Tues I'll be preoccupied at work (big audit happening) but I'll def check Dred out the rest of the week.

Dred had a sneak preview today, and I'm hooked.  The music is awesome.  Not just the usual nostalgic suspects.  He played a track so deep, the computer didn't even know what it was.  Eric Andersen's version of Fred Neil's "Other Side of This Life."

Now that I've got it programmed in iTunes to play the stream, I tuned in this afternoon, and they were playing "Supernatural" by Peter Green (John Mayall).  Wow.

turned off the TV Trump news feed, and back on KOZT, in time to hear the end of "East West."

Listening to Rambling Jack Elliott doing "912 Greens." 

"Did you ever stand and shiver, just because you were looking at a river?"


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