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The New 10@10 / Re: Sneak Preview
« on: May 09, 2016, 11:30:18 PM »
Thanks to all! Obviously, you know and love this show and we want to do it justice - and have fun!

Yes! There will be a Hits from Hell. And to think, we almost went with "scary" songs...

There may be times when we lean more in favor of, say, new wave - but we like to vary it up too!

Regarding the mixing levels, it's a sweet science when you don't use a limiter (which I think compresses the sound). It's interesting to hear how it sounds on various devices.

Tomorrow is launch day. Fingers crossed!


The New 10@10 / Re: Sneak Preview
« on: May 09, 2016, 04:43:49 PM »
Hey Jim - Lots of questions, with some answers.

First, thanks for the feedback!

-Yes, Soundwaves leans more 80s but 10@10 will span 1965-2005.
-Cumulus only owns old shows, not the elements. I'm with you. I'd love to track those down. Plus, Cumulus doesn't really even care much about the past. You give them too much credit! If you find something cool, please send it my way!
-The files will be posted indefinitely, so long as Mixcloud continues to exist, and they will be archived on the SW site. Tomorrow, there will be a drop-down on SWTV and archives will be easy to find, with the current shows up top. I might even soft-launch tonight just to make sure everything works.
-Yes, tell people! We'll be "live" tomorrow morning. And yes, the link would be appreciated!

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts. I really want this to be something cool for everyone, so input and sharing is much appreciated!


The New 10@10 / Re: Sneak Preview
« on: May 08, 2016, 01:37:43 AM »
Hey Jim -

Thanks, that means a lot. The plan is to go three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is a love of the game venture at this point, so we hope that we can generate some revenue. We're exploring some options. If we can make it financially viable, it's possible we go five days a week. We'll see. I can tell you there is a basic 3-month plan so if we can get enough listens and people like it, that's a good thing!

It's early - we still have some elements and one or two things are a tad rough but we are having a blast! Feel free to share the fact that this is coming with whomever you wish, but obviously please keep the link under wraps. Tuesday is launch day!

As for this group, I've combed over the past playlists like crazy and it struck me that there is a true love here for what we are attempting to do. So why not?

Thanks for welcoming me!


The New 10@10 / Re: Sneak Preview
« on: May 07, 2016, 11:34:54 PM »
Yikes! Hadn't heard that story...

Nice to meet everyone! Thanks for the invitation. This has been such a blast to work on, and honestly, I have no idea how long it will last. But we're having a load of fun!


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